St Mary’s Primary school values the opinions of all children within the school. We regularly hold School Council meetings with representatives from every class where children can discuss any issues.

Our School Council

Our School Council has 12 members. There is a boy and girl representative from Y1 to Y6. We meet regularly with Mrs Thompson.

Our school council members are:

Year 1 – Caleb and Evie

Year 2 – Marcel and Erin

Year 3 – Matthew and Tilly

Year 4 – William and Tamsyn

Year 5 – Aemil and Ava

Year 6 – Mahon and Darcey

As a school council we are trying to make our school a better place for everyone. Each year has a representative that is voted to be on School Council. At the moment we have got several projects on the go! At our first meeting Mrs Thompson explained to us that we are working towards the Beyond Bullying  award and we discussed how we could find out about this in our school.